Browser Tamer has it's Own Virus Kind!

It has arrived. My dream came true. I have a virus named after me - PUA:Win32/Aloneguid.

Apparently Browser Tamer according to the above does the following:

  • “Normally arrives on the computer uninvited”.
  • “Usually embedded to malicious freeware or shareware”.
  • “This virus can perform different actions that can could annoy the user. Most of the time, it displays pop-up ads and redirects when it senses that the web user is browsing the internet.”.
  • “Browser extension that normally gets installed on the computer without taking the permission from users”.

What a bunch of lies. I wonder who writes these descriptions and whether they are just ill in the head, totally incompetent, or simply want some kind of money.

According to VirusTotal there are 2/71 AVs marking it as dangerous without giving any particular reason:


We also have 2 low-risk duplicated MITRE signatures. TA0006 - Tries to harvest and steal browser information (history, passwords, etc). BT does not harvest and steal. It does detect browsers installed on the system and reads which profiles are available, which is sort of a point of this software.

And the rest are just normal behaviour.

P.S. Browser Tamer is a browser automation system utility done in spare time by myself. Official page is located here.

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