Disposable MS Teams Window

Chrome/Edge (and other Chromium based browsers) has a nice flag --app that allows you to pass an URL and make it open in a new minimal window. Looks great and minimalistic - no browser buttons or any browser controls:


Why this is important? Something like MS Teams is a dog on resource usage and I’d like to click in email client on a link that will open an appropriate browser’s profile’s Teams window outside of any browser tabs. When I’m finished with that meeting I’m just closing the window and off you go Teams - no resource usage at all.

You can automate it easily with Browser Tamer by adding a “custom browser” like I did:

Click “Add” on profile, set name (above set to “I’m Forced to Use Teams”), full path to browser executable.

Parameters above are set to "--profile-directory=Profile 1" "--app=%url%". If you are using default profile then profile-directory is not required. If not, you can get profile directory value by hovering over the browser profile you want to use in the main Browser Tamer window.

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