Bye Bye Scoop

Today I completely removed everything related and scoop itself. I hate it. This is my personal opinion and experience. As I wrote before, most of the “installers” are broken.

I do use winget now to install GUI software and would highly recommend it. As for console tools, it’s much better to install those yourself by downloading an .exe and putting somewhere in your path. I just have one folder added to path and put stuff like jq.exe, gsudo, hugo and so on because they are all single-file executables.

Also, after dumping scoop I have noticed my system became much faster! I suspect this is due to the fact how scoop uses shims - every executable is launched via a .NET exe which is not the fastest to start. Yeah, you can install alternative shim generator, and those may be a bit faster, but they do conflict with terminal software like vim.

Goodbye, scoop. I didn’t have a good time.


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