List of Age Discrimination Cases in Software Industry

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  • Facebook: Suit claims Mark Zuckerberg thinks ‘young people are just smarter’ (link).
  • Microsoft: Nancy Williams said in her lawsuit, filed Monday in King County Superior Court, that she was subjected to discrimination and differential treatment, as well as a hostile work environment based on her gender, race (Hispanic) and age (link).
  • Google: Google Is Once Again Accused Of Age Discrimination (link).
  • Apple: Apple Faces Age Discrimination Lawsuit (link).
  • IBM: “IBM Accused Of Ageism: Older Workers Are ‘Dinobabies’ Who Should Be Made An ‘Extinct Species’”. IBM executives discussed in emails how to force out older workers and derided them as “dinobabies” who should be made an “extinct species,” according to a court filing in an age discrimination case against the company (link).

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