Best Books to Learn Kotlin in 2022

Best Kotlin Books: What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a relatively new (2010) open-source, cross-platform programming language.

It’s both an object-oriented and a functional programming language.

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java. So you can call Kotlin code from Java and vice versa.

When compared to Java, there’s approximately a 40% reduction in the number of lines of code.

Kotlin is primarily used in Android development.

Hands-On Design Patterns with Kotlin

Hands-On Design Patterns with Kotlin This book is for developers who would like to master design patterns with Kotlin to build efficient and scalable applications. Basic Java or Kotlin programming knowledge is assumed.


What you will learn

  • Get to grips with Kotlin principles, including its strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand classical design patterns in Kotlin
  • Explore functional programming using built-in features of Kotlin
  • Solve real-world problems using reactive and concurrent design patterns
  • Use threads and coroutines to simplify concurrent code flow
  • Understand antipatterns to write clean Kotlin code, avoiding common pitfalls
  • Learn about the design considerations necessary while choosing between architectures

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Kotlin in Action


Kotlin in Action takes experienced Java developers from the language basics all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices. Written by core developers of Kotlin, this example rich book begins by teaching the basic syntax of the Kotlin language. Then readers learn how to use features that let them build reusable abstractions, higher-level functions, libraries, and even entire domain specific languages. Finally, the book focuses on details of applying Kotlin in real-world projects, such as build system integration, Android support and concurrent programming.


• Hands on examples • Tutorial for a new programming language • Teaches how to build Android applications • Written by core developers of Kotlin


This book is for experienced Java developers.

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