Databricks: Excessive Storage Usage

I was looking at one of workspaces I’m looking after in MS Azure, and wow - databricks storage is growing steadily, and has reached 2.1 TiB!!!. I am not storing any data in DBFS at all, everything is in external tables, so it’s a bit unclear what is going on.

Short story, you can significantly drop this down by purging cluster logs and workspace storage from the workspace itself:

When I ran purge, API calls to storage suddently jumped up, for both processes. Cluster logs were running for much longer though:

Storage usage also jumped down dramatically:

However, it keeps steadily growing at a very slow pace. Also I can’t understand why there is 32 GiB still in use - that’s still quite a lot. There is also no way to run this on schedule, at least I couldn’t find an API for it.

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