Android Sucks Less

I hate Android development with passion. Mostly due to the fact you have to use crappy Java language and design user interfaces with a 30 years old XML syntax which looks like a preview version of HTML 1.0. I don’t have any hard feelings against Java, however I don’t think it’s any good for user interface development which is what 99% of Android apps are about.

I love the next Microsoft move to opensource and make free the Xamarin platform. This makes it easy to write cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android (and windows phone, but who cares) in a nice modern language. Unfortunately you still have to write the native UI elements with crapML in Android and some XCode weridness for iOS.

I’ve found today a great website which essentially gives you Android UI projects with styling, colors, themes, graphics and everything you need to kick start a very cool looking app. I wish we had more of something like this, including iOS, and release wonderful app ideas in professional style.

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