py3js: D3.js interface to Python

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D3JS is awesome, but such a pain to use from Python! This package aims to simplify that. This project was created to great. Originally created because I loved how d3-force works, but replicating it in Python/Jupyter was a real hassle. For instance, with this short snippet

g = ForceDirectedGraph(800, 200)

nodes = ["dev", "pre-prod", "prod", "developers", "testers", "managers"]
colours = ["green", "green", "green", "blue", "blue", "blue"]

for n, c in zip(nodes, colours):
    g.add_nodes(Node(n, color=c))

    # link process
    g.add_links(Link("dev", "pre-prod"))
    g.add_links(Link("pre-prod", "prod"))

    # link involved
    g.add_links(Link("developers", "dev"))
    g.add_links(Link("developers", "pre-prod"))
    g.add_links(Link("testers", "pre-prod"))
    g.add_links(Link("managers", "prod"))

you can easily produce the following output (it’s live, try to interact with the mouse!)

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P.S. Source on GitHub.

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