This is an enhanced Databricks CLI that was created as a missing addition to Databricks CLI to manage it from the terminal or CI/CD pipeline.

It is designed to be used by humans to solve problems, not for problems to use humans.

For most commands you should prefer using standard CLI, this tool is only containing enhancements and missing parts.

Although it’s written in C# (mostly due to the fact that I already have databricks API exposed via stowage) it is a fully self-contained single-file executable for Linux, Windows and MacOSX.


Download from the releases section i.e. (replace version)

wget https://github.com/aloneguid/databricks-cli/releases/download/1.3.1/dbx-linux-x64.zip
unzip dbx-linux-x64.zip
./dbx ...


First, set DATABRICKS_HOST and DATABRICKS_TOKEN environment variables to your selected host. Those are standard variables that standard CLI requires. Optionally, if you have already installed the official databricks CLI, this tool will just read your preconfigured credentials.

Commands are self-explanatory and can be listed by launching dbx without parameters. Run appropriate executable (dbx on Linux or dbx.exe on Windows) .

To contact me, send an email anytime or leave a comment below.