Get S3 filesystem details using PySpark

Unfortunately Spark doesn’t give you information about underlying files - the deepest function to get any info is input_file_name but that’s it. But you can do that using HDFS API, here is a function I wrote

from pyspark.sql import DataFrame, SparkSession, Column

def list_files_with_hdfs(spark: SparkSession, path_root: str):
    sc = spark.sparkContext
    java_path =
    hadoop_path =
    hadoop_file_system =
    iterator = hadoop_file_system.listFiles(hadoop_path, True)

    result = []
    while iterator.hasNext():
        item =
        el = {
            "path": item.getPath().toString(),
            "length": item.getLen(),
            "modTime": item.getModificationTime()
        if len(result) % 1000 == 0:
          print(f"{len(result)}. ", end="")

    return result

the modTime is a long number, so you can prettify it as well:

fis = list_files_with_hdfs(spark, "s3://a_bucket/")

df = spark.createDataFrame(fis)

df = (df
             (df.modTime / 1000).cast("timestamp").alias("modTime") ))


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