Visual Assist X - Extend Trial

Oh ok, I shouldn’t have done it, but it did happen. I’m back into C++ development for some time now, and I still find Visual Studio with Visual Assist X plugin the best for C++ development, including for Linux development. Even comparing to CLion (I have full paid license to all IntelliJ products) I still find Visual Studio superior even without plugins, but Visual Assist just makes it totally superior. You have some C# goodness in VAX, however I never found that C# needs any extra plugins in VS, it’s excellent without anything extra.

So after being back to VS I’ve decided to trial VAX after like 5 year break from it to see whether I liked it. Unfortunately after installing it I forgot about it completely as I had to work on other projects mostly in IntelliJ, and then the trial simply expired. Fortunately this guy has provided a reset script which works even after 4 years of it’s release. I’ve applied it to have a chance to play with VAX over the weekend, and it’s still awesome, so buying it right now!

.bat file content:

@echo off
set tempfile="%temp%\1489AFE4.TMP"
set has_error=0

tasklist | find /I "devenv.exe" > NUL
if %errorlevel% == 0 (
	echo Please close Visual Studio and try again.
	exit /B 1


echo Resetting Visual Assist X trial period
echo Deleting registry key %regkey% ...
reg delete %regkey% /f
if %errorlevel% == 1 (
	echo Registry key was not deleted.
	set has_error=1

echo Deleting temporary file %tempfile% ...
del %tempfile%>NUL


if %has_error% == 0 (
	echo Done. Visual Assist X should have forgotten about your trial period now.
) else (
	echo Done. However, maybe not everything worked out right.

exit /B %has_error%

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