Learning Rust

This month’s free time was spent learning Rust programming language. Having completed a few large C++ projects in the past it was interesting to dive into a new “modern” system programming language which is safety and performance oriented.

A few thoughts after finishing the course:

  • C++ is a huge mess comparing to Rust, which is clean and elegant. I don’t have any experience in the wild to confirm this though.
  • rust still depends on C toolchain to compile code.
  • It’s damn fast, almost C speed.
  • It’s realatively new (around 10 year old?) so there’s not much good tooling available. There is no great IDE like Visual Studio for C++ (whatever you say, it’s the best one). I personally love IntelliJ Rust plugin.
  • Learning new language and writing it down using mind maps is actually really helpful. Easy to get an overview what I have learned and remind myself quickly.

Sharing the mind map of Rust notes here (infinitely scalable SVG).

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