Performance Measuring and Monitoring for .NET 6 Applications

Historically .NET had a mixed bag of methods to monitor application performance. A lot of them were Windows-only and some required expensive third-party tools.

In this course, Performance Measuring and Monitoring for .NET 6 Applications, you’ll learn to appreciate .NET 6, focus on open standards, cross-platform approach, and openness in their monitoring design.

First, you’ll explore the basic theory of performance monitoring and what .NET 6 can do for you out of the box.

Next, you’ll discover in detail how .NET SDK gives you necessary tools to trace local application code and distributed microservices, all for free and out of the box!

Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate your applications with third-party Application Performance Monitoring solutions to understand how to enable it in production.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of performance monitoring needed to understand your code and have a live picture in front of you of how it can be optimized even further.

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